Aug 1, 2017

Woolwich - Hunters Hill

Woolwich and much of Hunters Hill occupy a peninsula between the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers. see Map

Woolwich Dock from Woolwich lookout

The Woolwich Dock, at 188 metres long and 27 metres wide, when it opened in 1901 was, the largest in Australia. As you can see, the dock which was excavated from the sandstone, is still used today for small scale boat and yacht maintenance.
On my walk I enjoyed a break at the cafe before exploring the adjacent Parklands: Clarkes Point Reserve, Morts Reserve and areas named 'Goat Paddock' and 'Horse Paddock' from early days. (harbourtrust PDF).

Morts Reserve from Clarkes Point Reserve

                                                                               To the west of the Woolwich Parklands is Kelly's Bush, one of few remnant bushland on the foreshores of the Parramatta River.  The area was very much in the news in 1970s 'when a group of local residents enlisted the assistance of unions to oppose development of the site'. Similar issues elsewhere are still apparent today.

Vienna Cottage,  Hunters Hill

 Vienna Cottage in Alexandra St, is a National Trust property built in 1871. It is a typical cottage of a tradesman of the day. A number of French, Italian and Swiss people were among the founders of the municipality. In the 1850s some of the immigrants from the north of Italy settled in the area and worked as stonemasons.
Now used for shops and offices, the former Garibaldi Hotel (completed in 1862) in Ferry Street (photos below) reflects this Italian past. 

While sandstone buildings make up only a small proportion of homes, they are an importance part of the character of the area. 
A sandstone home - Hunters Hill

The photo above was taken from the Tarban Creek Bridge looking east towards Pulpit Point, with Sydney CBD in the distance.

I caught a ferry from Circular Quay and started my walk from the Woolwich wharf. I ended my walk at Huntleys Point wharf.                Walks in Hunters Hill            Lane Cove Rv walk 

            Hunters Hill history                 Woolwich Dock history      

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Jul 6, 2017

Grand Canyon track - Blackheath

Described as one of the most spectacular walking tracks in NSW the Canyon walk is around 6km in length and ~400m from the lowest point to the top. We caught a bus from Katoomba to the stop on Evans Lookout Road nearest the Neates Glen carpark, which is the start (or end) of the walk.

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After the steep climb out, we had lunch at Evans lookout. It was a further 2km back to the bus stop.

May 27, 2017

Hydro Majestic

The Hydro Majestic is situated on top of the escarpment overlooking the Megalong Valley at Medlow Bath, in the Blue Mountains. The heritage listed hotel was developed by the retailer Mark Foy as a health retreat. He renamed and re-branded the hotel in 1906 as a luxury retreat. After many years of decline the hotel was closed in 2008 and reopened in 2014, after significant refurbishment.

 The Hydro Majestic buildings have a range of architectural styles, including Art Deco and Edwardian  (Federation)

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