This blog illustrates day walks and trips in
the Blue Mountains, Sydney and the nearby areas that we have visited. Most were accessed using public transport.

Oct 8, 2014

Australian Botanic Garden (3)

Mount Annan was once part of Glenlee estate, acquired by James Fitzpatrick in the 1850s. His descendants ran a dairy farm on the estate until 1978. Beyond the area near the Visitor Centre, Cafe & Restaurant, is an extensive site of over 400ha scatted with feature gardens such as the Banksia & Grevillea Gardens.

Under the shade of a 'Peppercorn tree'
Although the Peppercorns are from South America, they were commonly grown in Australia as shade trees. The gently undulating hills and small lakes add to the charm of the area.

Another feature of interest is the Sundial of Human Involvement.  The person in the photo above is standing on the spot indicated by the date, facing in the direction of their shadow, with arms stretched above their head.


Sep 28, 2014

Australian Botanic Garden (2)

White Faced Heron with 'Kangaroo paws' behind

After my earlier enjoyable visit to the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan, I have wanted to return in better weather. This post has some photos from my return visit to see the spring flowers and complete a longer walk around the site. 

The Wattle Garden picnic area
Lechenaultia biloba

Garden near visitor centre

Australian Botanic Garden
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PlantBank visit 

'Everlastings' or 'paper daisies'

Sep 11, 2014

Rocky Point Island - Balmoral

Rocky Point Island separates Edwards Beach from Balmoral Beach on Hunters Bay, Middle Harbour. The small island is connected to the Esplanade by a bridge, built as a government employment project during the Great Depression, as was the Bathers’ Pavilion.

Rocky Point Island, looking towards Sydney Heads
The Mediterranean style 'Bathers' Pavillion' on Edwards Beach (below), was built in 1929, and now houses a restaurant, cafe and function rooms.

 I travelled to Balmoral by ferry to Taronga Zoo, then bus from the wharf           Location Map
and returned by bus to Wynard station.

Ref: Mosman Historical Society - 'Historic Guide to Balmoral'