Nov 12, 2018

Plants with Bite - The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

 The current display at The Calyx is 'Plants With Bite' - the bizarre world of carnivorous plants such as the Pitcher Plants (right & below).

Venus Flytrap

See my earlier post of the original Calyx Display and the Green Wall

The Calyx, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
'The Calyx' within The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is an attractive contemporary building for horticultural displays and education, incorporating coffee shop etc.

Sep 17, 2018


Our walk took us from Popes Glen to Govetts Leap and return via Braeside Walk.

We passed these Rhododendrons in Blackheath Memorial Park after starting our walk at the railway station. The flowering season for Rhododendrons is September, October and November but the peak period is the end of October and early November.

View from Govetts Leap Lookout, Blackheath

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Sep 3, 2018

Museum of Fire - Penrith

The Museum of Fire houses many large vehicles and other fire fighting apparatus from the 1800s to the modern era.

The collection includes 1891 the Shand Mason Steamer, a fine example of 19th century, horse-drawn, steam-powered technology  and the 1785 Merryweather Hand Drawn Pump

The museum is housed in the former Penrith Power Station, which dates from 1953. It was in use till 1970 when the state wide power grid took over.
In addition the museum includes 'Fire Safety in the Home' and Bush Fires displays. It is a short walk from Penrith Station.

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