Mar 3, 2022

Glenbrook Lagoon & Knapsack lookouts

Our walking group revisited Glenbrook recently, visiting Glenbrook Lagoon reserve and the two lookouts in Knapsack Reserve. (see my earlier Glenbrook Lagoon post)

Glenbrook Lagoon

Elizabeth Lookout   


Elizabeth Lookout, on the Eastern escarpment of the Blue Mountains, overlooks Penrith and beyond. Sydney's CBD high-rise buildings can be seen in the far distance if the weather is suitable.






Marges Lookout (below) looks out over the Penrith Lakes parkland (see Penrith International Regatta Centre)  

The Knapsack lookouts can be accessed from the 'Lovers Walk' fire-trail at the end of Barnet Street.

Marges Lookout      





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