Apr 28, 2020

Centennial Park Revisited

Earlier this year I visited what is probably my favorite parkland - Centennial Park - to plan a group walk. 
It was after Sydney had received drought breaking rain, so it was good to see the ponds full again.

Life size statue of Charles Dickens (below)
Sir Henry Parks, 'father of federation,' was friends with Edward, a son of Dickens who had immigrated to NSW. The statue was removed in 1972 and only returned in 2011 after restoration.

The Federation Pavilion (1988)
was built on the site of the proclamation of the Commonwealth of Australia on New Years Day 1901. The ceremony took place on a raised platform of Monuya granite, which was latter embedded in the ground.

Centennial Park once displayed 31 terracotta statues, most of which were removed 50 years ago due to damage.

'Sunrise' (right) and 'Sunset' (below) survived on top of nine metre columns, which once flanked the William Street side of the Australian Museum.

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