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My aim in starting this blog was to share something of interest from the places we have visited around Sydney, and in the nearby Blue Mountains where I live. I do many of my walks, especially hikes in bushland, with walking groups. My thanks to the leaders of these walks, and my walking companions. Our walks feature less commercial destinations, while my excursions often involve a café or coffee shop along the way.

Some posts are about well known destinations, while others feature not so well known spots. I have also included just a few longer journeys that are suitable for extended stays.    [Back to blog]

I have enjoyed photography since I was a boy, so photographs are the main focus of my blog. Clicking on the blog photographs may give some enlargement in a slide show format.

When walking with groups, it's mostly not possible to spend as much time taking a photo as I would like, so I select some shots from those taken along the way. Sometimes I return on another day and spend a little more time taking photos, or combine photos from different visits.

When I walk in bush areas, even with a group, I always try to have a topographic map of the area and a compass with me. Link to NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service for bushwalking safety suggestions.
If you appear in any of my photos and you are not comfortable with this, please let me know.

Disclaimer and Copyright:
My blog posts should not be construed as travel advice. It is essentially a photo blog.  
Please don’t rely on my blog for information, as circumstances may change after an item was posted.
References to organisations, commercial services, products etc. should not be taken as recommendations, as your experience my well differ from our experience. 

All photographs in this blog (sydneyexcursions.blogspot.com.au  aka 'Our Walks' ) are subject to copyright. Written permission from this blog's author is required for any use and/or duplication of this material.  sydneyexcursions@gmail.com

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For an inspirational site, have a look at  'Walk Sydney Streets' - a legacy of over 2,500 unusual photos that 'Alan', took when he walked every street in 287 suburbs of Sydney when he was 94.


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