Jan 29, 2011

Charles Darwin Walk - Wentworth Falls

This Blue Mountains walk which starts at Wilson Park at Wentworth Falls, is named after Charles Darwin who visited the area in 1836. The 2.8Km walk follows Jamison creek almost to the top of Wentworth Falls where there are great views of the falls and the National Park. The walk was reopened after the replacement of some of the timber board walk and three foot bridges due to flood damage last year.

Weeds are a problem in the upper reaches of the creek. Coreopsis (above) is an attractive perennial yellow daisy from USA. Seeds are washed down watercourses and invade open sunny areas crowding out native plants such as those below. 

 Blue Dampiera (Dampiera stricta) shown above, have unusual ‘diamond shape’ leaves. The 'Trigger plant' (Stylidium sp.) left, has a trigger which transfers pollen to insects that lands on the flower.

The walk is also popular with  locals

Jamison Creek, Wentworth Falls

Transport details
Wentworth Falls is about 1hr 50minutes from Central by CityRail Intercity train. 
It may be possible to catch a Route 685 bus back to the station after the walk, by walking up Falls Rd to a bus stop past Fletcher St. See Upper Mts bus timetable (Use 'Valley of the Waters' stop times as a guide)

More information about this walk at WildWalks


  1. Lovely pics especially the Jamison Creek - is there gold in them there creeks??
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous. My only hassle is that I am not so stable on my feet anymore, and uneven terrain is a trial for me.

  3. It looks quite luscious and so green.

  4. No gold as far as I know, Dianne. You have to travel further west to Bathurst.
    I sympathise Julie, my walking has been curtailed for some months by an accident at the end of last year.

  5. These are beautiful. I have been trying to book a tour of the Blue Mountains Sydney .