Oct 20, 2013

Mamre House

Mamre House, at Orchard Hills, is recognised as a property of State significance. This substantial Georgian homestead, was the residence of the Rev. Samuel Marsden during the 1820s and 1830s. He was a colonial chaplain, magistrate and pastoralist who helped pioneer the Australian wool industry by importing and breeding the famous Merino sheep. 

The property later became the residence of Richard Rouse, a prominent public servant and grazier. It is now leased to the Sisters of Mercy who run a program combining job creation, training and tourism, for people returning to the workforce, those with a disability, and refugees.

Mamre House

Companion Garden

As well as the training centre, Mamre House includes a restaurant and tearoom (closed Mondays), a plant nursery and gift shop.

                 Location map

Buses from St Marys railway station: 776 bus (Mamre Rd. just after Motorway at St. Clair)  775 bus  (turns off at nearby Banks Drive St. Clair)

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