Nov 13, 2011

North Head to Manly

City skyline from North Head (telephoto)

The Barracks
This Sydney Excursion follows on from my North Head Sanctuary post. The other aspect of North Head is its military history. The headquarters for the Army School of Artillery was established at the North Head Barracks in 1946.
In 1998 it was relocated to Puckapunyal in Victoria, as North Head was no longer considered suitable.

You may also see references to the 'Australian Army Artillery Museum' which was located at North Fort.  It was also moved to Victoria in December 2010.
                                                                                                                               The North Fort Memorial Walk and memorials, honour those who have served in the defence of Australia in both war and peace. It spans the period from Australia's Colonial past, World War 1, World War 2 and Post-WW2 conflicts.                           Peacekeeping Operations and Civilian Services such as the Merchant Navy are included.

The heavy clouds cleared, making the mostly downhill walk back to Many wharf very pleasant. Along the way we passed Collins Beach and Little Manly Cove

Collins Beach, Sydney Harbour

Little Manly Cove, Sydney Harbour

Little Manly Cove

Thanks to Judith who led the group on this interesting and scenic walk


  1. Your pics of Little Manly Cove are fabulous and the one looking across to the city scape through the trees is also a great capture. You are so fortunate Kevin to have walking leaders who are willing to head up these scenic walks.

  2. A terrific trip. Great shots.