Nov 6, 2011

North Head Sanctuary

North Head was the home of the Army's School of Artillery until the late 1990's. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust opened the Sanctuary to the public in 2007.

Sydney Harbour from North Head

The sanctuary provides protection for for the flora and fauna of North Head, which includes an endangered population of  Long-nosed Bandicoots.

Bandicoots were once common in Sydney where they foraged in parkland and back-yards but now are declining in numbers, due to numerous threats, including collision with vehicles and predation by dogs, cats and foxes.

Hanging Swamp, North Head

To reach North Head we caught a Manly Ferry from Circular Quay, then a 135 route bus from West Esplanade, near Manly Wharf. Our bus went as far as the entrance to the Old Quarantine Station, so we needed to walk further along North Head Scenic Drive, to North Fort (former artillery museum).
- see the map for Sydney Buses Route 135 (quick search in right hand column)

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  1. I love the heathy wind blown vegetation of North Head. I have seen bandicoots when camping at Lane Cove River Park.