Nov 21, 2014

Iron Cove 'Bay Run'

'Our Excursions' visited part of 'The Bay Run' in 2010 to photograph Callan Park.  Recently I returned to Lillyfield to meet up with a long time friend, to walk around Iron Cove.     Location map

Iron Cove near King George Park

Iron Cove Run - King George Park

This pleasant 7.2 Km run/walk and cycleway that follows the foreshore around the cove, is mostly flat, apart from the incline up to cross the bridge.

Iron Cove Bridge

The current steel truss bridge replaced an earlier wrought iron bridge build shortly after WW2.

Work on the duplication of the Iron Cove Bridge (see left) was completed in January 2011. It's on the western side, has three traffic lanes and a nice wide walkway/cycle path.

Along the walk are signs giving information about Mangroves, Saltmarsh etc found in the intertidal zone around the cove.

Rodd Park - Rodd Point

UTS/Haberfield Rowing Club

We started and finished our walk from the Leichhardt North Light Rail stop, and stopped off at a cafe for lunch. There is also a Club at Habberfield (above)

Bay Run info links - Canada Bay - Leichhardt (with map)

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