Oct 8, 2014

Australian Botanic Garden (3)

Mount Annan was once part of Glenlee estate, acquired by James Fitzpatrick in the 1850s. His descendants ran a dairy farm on the estate until 1978. Beyond the area near the Visitor Centre, Cafe & Restaurant, is an extensive site of over 400ha scatted with feature gardens such as the Banksia & Grevillea Gardens.

Under the shade of a 'Peppercorn tree'
Although the Peppercorns are from South America, they were commonly grown in Australia as shade trees. The gently undulating hills and small lakes add to the charm of the area.

Another feature of interest is the Sundial of Human Involvement.  The person in the photo above is standing on the spot indicated by the date, facing in the direction of their shadow, with arms stretched above their head.


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