Jan 1, 2014

The Norman Lindsay Gallery

The gallery at Faulconbridge, run by the National Trust, displays the work of artist and writer Norman Lindsay (1879-1969). Various rooms of the attractive sandstone cottage house oil paintings, watercolours, sketches, ceramics and ship models. Within the expansive landscaped grounds is 'Lindsay's Cafe' where I enjoyed lunch on my visit.                     


While Lindsay is known for his paintings of voluptuous women in classical poses, he was also a political cartoonist and wrote and illustrated the 1918 children's classic 'The Magic Pudding'.                   Location map

The gallery has a limited bus service from Macquarie Rd near Springwood station (about 5Kms). The 690C bus, currently 11.06am (Mon to Fri), with a return bus at 13.40, should be suitable. Check the Mid Mts Bus timetable


  1. I like the gardens and the cafe but generally give the gallery a miss. Too many voluptuous people for my taste.

  2. What a beautiful place.