Nov 2, 2013

Gore Cove track to Berry Island

This 6.5Km walk which starts at Smoothey Park Wollstonecraft, follows a narrow green corridor along Berry Creek and Gore Cove to Berry Island.

Beencke’s Bridge (left), built in 1964 to replace a wooden trestle bridge, is named after the Greenwich stonemason and carpenter who built the original footbridge.

The walk passes through rain forest remnants along Berry Creek, then through open woodland along the Gore Cove foreshore.

The small island was originally joined to the mainland by narrow mudflats which have since been filled and a lawn established. The bushland was regenerated and is now maintained by North Sydney Council. There is a short circular bushland track with views of the harbour and information about Aboriginal history.
Gore Cove from Berry Is.

Our group had planned to complete our walk back to Wollstonecraft station through Badangi Bushland Reserve but hazard reduction on the day prevented this. This walk can also end at Waverton Station. (see map)

Badangi Reserve on Balls Head Bay
                             North Sydney Council Bushland Reserves info          location map 


  1. Once upon a time I lived down that way and remember doing that walk. Nice to go on it again with you.

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