Aug 22, 2013

Pool of Siloam - Leura

This pleasant walk, which starts at Gordon Falls Reserve picnic area at Leura, kept us mostly out of the wind until we reached the top on our return. The track leads down steps into the gully to a rainforest pocket on the Gordon Creek.
'Pool of Siloam' Leura
                                   (below) View from near Golf Link Lookout, looking towards Sublime Point

The walk to the Pool of Siloam can be completed by returning the same way, however our leader took us on an alternative track, which ended at The Links Rd. The walk back to the station from there, took us past Everglades Gardens, which is well worth a visit in my opinion.                        Map link                       'Wildwalks'

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  1. Its a long time since I did that walk but I enjoyed it when I did. I agree the Everglade is well worth a visit.