Jul 22, 2012

Garden Island

The photo below shows the RAN Huon class Minehunter HMAS Yarra, passing Garden Island Dockyard.
Garden Island Dockyard is a primary Navy repair and refit centre which has supported naval activities since 1788.
The giant Hammerhead Crane, seen in the background below, was the largest in Australia, with a lifting capacity of 275 tonnes. In August 2013 the Federal Government announced it's removal.

Like other visitors to the northern precinct of Garden Island we arrived by Sydney Ferry from Circular Quay, on the route to Watson’s Bay. There is no public access from the mainland except on a booked tour coach.

The National Corvette Memorial honours the Navy Corvettes of WW2 and the Australian sailors who sailed them.
The memorial "symbolises a shipyard with the bow of a Corvette emerging through a wave and thrusting seaward"

Nearby is the RAN Heritage Centre in two renovated National Estate listed buildings, housing a huge collection of Navy artifacts with displays of the Navy’s history from colonial times to the present day.

View from roof top lookout Garden Is.

We were impressed by the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour from the former Main Signal Building, which has a viewing platform on the roof (accessed by stairs).

Looking towards Sydney Harbour heads

Garden Island wharf

               City of Sydney Submission on Cruise ship access (pdf)  - has interesting photos & maps


  1. Your photos remind me just how wonderful the harbour is.