Aug 24, 2011

Macquarie University - Sculpture Park

Macquarie University has considerable areas of open parkland, with many original sculptures dotted across the campus. My favorite area is the Lakeside Walk, part of which can be seen in the photo below.

'Coil' (2003) - Andrew Rodgers

'Red Feathered Friend' (1986) - Errol B. Davis

'Season's End' (2005) - Errol B. Davis

 The Sculpture Park was founded by the Australian sculptor Dr Errol B.Davis.

'Tana' (1985) - Errol B. Davis

Bronze sculpture by Linda Klarfeld

Macquarie University's new Library

Macquarie University's new library opened on the 1st of August. It houses over 1.8 million items and features Australia's first automated book storage and retrieval system.              extra photos

Transport options: Macquarie University can be reached by a train station of the same name, via Epping or Chatswood, and is also served by many bus routes.           


  1. Great shots of interesting sculptures and grounds.

  2. This looks like an peaceful park with lots of green. The bronze sculpture by Linda Klarfeld is delightful!

  3. Did not know about this park. Must visit. Awesome library building.

  4. I go down to Macquarie Park to work ... looks like there are better places to go in the area than the office!!