Feb 23, 2011

Wentworth Falls - National Pass

This walk follows on from the Charles Darwin Walk at Wentworth Falls. (See my earlier post).

The photos were taken on two separate walks, one with a bush walking group and the other by myself, which gave me more time for photography. There was plenty of water in Jamison Creek on both days, after recent rain.

It is only a short distance from the peaceful surrounds of Weeping Rock (left), towards the end of  'The Darwin Walk' track, to the top of Wentworth Falls.

I took a side trip at this point to Fletcher's Lookout, to photograph the falls, before returning to the National Pass track.

Wentworth Falls from Fletcher's Lookout

Wentworth Falls from the National Pass track.

The track, which winds down 'The Grand Stairway' is cut into the cliff, is very popular, at least the section to the bottom of the falls.
Beyond this point the track continues along the cliff-line to the 'Valley of the Waters'. (see map)

We passed a section of the track where, due to the recent rains, we passed behind a water fall.

  We turned off to the 'Conservation Hut Cafe' when we reached the 'Valley of the Waters', then back to the station cutting through Murphy's Lane and Central Park to Falls Road.

This map (in the Falls Reserve picnic area) is provided by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

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My thanks to our leader John.

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