Jul 6, 2010

Grey Sky Sydney Excursion

As it was threatening to rain we decided to visit the city and see some of the ‘Bienhale’artworks (which were on display until the end of July).

                      We first visited the Museum of Contempory Art at Circular Quay.

           U.S. artist Roxy Paine's 'Neuron' is based on "dendrites and synapses" is outside the MCA

Leaving the MLC we saw there was a sponsored free ferry running from the western side of Circular Quay to Cockatoo Island which is playing host to many of the Bienhale exhibits.The island in Sydney Harbour, west of the Harbour Bridge, was a convict prison and former shipyard.

                                     Many of the old buildings house the art displays.

The free ferry service was understandably quite popular and the 12 noon ferry we caught was almost full. It is also possible to pay to travel by Sydney Ferries. 

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  1. Great shots. I haven't been out to Cockatoo Island yet but I want to go.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs