Apr 29, 2010

Echo Point, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

For this excursion we caught a Cityrail train to the Blue Mountains which left from Sydney Terminal (also known as Central Intercity platforms). Katoomba is around 100Kms west of Sydney, with the train trip taking about two hours.

At Katoomba station turn right at the bottom of the ramp then right again and up the stairs (or elevator). Cross the road and walk left, around the corner to Katoomba Street.
A short walk up the hill will lead to the bus stop in front of the Carrington Hotel . This restored 1882 hotel is well worth a visit. We caught the ‘Echo Point & Scenic World’ bus which leaves about every half hour daily to Echo Point, but you could walk the 2.2Kms, following Katoomba, Waratah and Lurline Streets.

Echo Point is a busy tourist location, but offers a good vantage point to view the Blue Mountains best known landmark, ‘The Three Sisters’ rock formation. There is also a tourist information centre, toilets and food outlets at Echo Point.

Bush walk
We had a easy day on this visit, but you can you can find sanctuary from the crowd on the pleasant walking trails which lead from Echo Point. Ask at the tourist centre for more information about bushwalks.

One popular walk, with great views along the way, is part of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk around the cliff line to Scenic World. Allow an hour and a half if you do this walk which starts near the path that leads to the lower viewing platform, down a gentle sloping concrete ramp. (see footnote). Towards the end of the walk the track comes out of bushland for a short section of Cliff Drive where you could stop for refreshments at Katoomba Falls Kiosk. There is a bus stop near the Kiosk.
The walk continues to Scenic World where you could catch a bus back to the station or you may choose to go on the Scenic railway (the world's steepest railway) or Skyway.

Katoomba Falls from Skyway


Katoomba Falls Cafe

Footnote: Don’t confuse this walk with the hard grade walk to the same location (via parts of the Dardanelles Pass and Federal Pass tracks) which starts at the Giant Stairway with 900 steps down to the base of the cliff.