Aug 25, 2018

Sydney Park - St Peters

South of the CBD near St Peters railway station, the 40 hectare Sydney Park is built on the site of an old brickworks and rubbish tip. The park is now a wetlands and green oasis.


Storm water is diverted to the park which provides a permanent water supply, for the wetlands. These are an important habitat for native wildlife during dry periods.  A series of elevated terracotta channels form an artwork, which reflects the site’s history and aerates and distributes water throughout the wetland system.

The Bedford Brick Works was established in 1893. It was sold to Austral in 1936, closing in 1970. Use as a rubbish tip followed, and continued till 1976. The chimneys and kilns from the former brickwork near the corner of Sydney Park Road and the Princes Highway have been retained.

Sydney Park is very dog friendly

 There is a series of pathways to walk, run or cycle around the park, and it caters well for children with a large playground and a cycling education centre.

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