Aug 5, 2016

Iron Cove update

We followed the Iron Cove Creek from Parramatta Rd at Ashfield to Iron Cove.   The walk along Hawthorne Canal passes Hawthorne light rail stop and a dog of the leash area with a dog-focused Cafe 'Bones'

Hawthorne Canal

The canal is 'of particular historical significance as one of the first nine purpose built storm water drains constructed in Sydney in the 1890's. The then Minister for Public Works, the Hon. Bruce Smith, MLA., appalled at the extremely unhealthy conditions prevailing at the time, proposed a separate system of storm water drains be built to help alleviate the problem.' Reference

(below) A new pedestrian and cycle bridge over Iron Cove Creek Canal, near Timbrell and Robson Parks on the Bay Run, was officially opened in October last year. The 30m long, 4.5m wide cable bridge was considered a vital safety link for the thousands of pedestrians, joggers and cyclists who use the Bay Run every day.  

The bridge features an artwork installation at the top.
The project was jointly undertaken by Ashfield Council and Canada Bay Council with funding from the NSW Road and Maritime Services.

Location Map

The Bay Run info

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The Dog Park & Cafe