Feb 19, 2015

Birchgrove Wharf to Ballast Point Park

Balmain East

The photo above was taken from the ferry as we approached Birchgrove wharf on our trip from Circular Quay. Yurulbin Park (below) with its rocky outcrops and native garden beds adjoins the wharf.

Yurulbin Park
(below) A short walk along Louisa Rd led us to Birchgrove Park.

(left) This is one of the houses that caught my eye as we walked along Wharf Road.

The Ballast Point site was purchased in 1928 for use as an oil terminal. Over time the company, which latter became Caltex, built 30 storage tanks at the Balmain terminal.

Caltex sold the site for development in 1997, with a provisional completion date of 2005. After a major campaign by residents, to preserve this and other foreshore sites for public use, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, on behalf of the Carr State Government, purchased the site in 2002 for use as public open space. The lookout below offers great harbour views.

        Location map

        More photos of Ballast Point

It was only a 2 to 3km walk from Birchgrove Wharf to Balmain Wharf, via Ballast Point Park and  Mort Bay Park.

 My thanks to Jean who led us on this walk.                          Reference