Dec 3, 2014

Wascoe Siding

Preparing the locomotives

Wascoe Siding is a miniature railway situated in a former railway cutting. The deviation and refuge siding between Glenbrook and Blaxland in the Lower Blue Mountains, was in use for twenty years from 1913.

The area was acquired in the 1960s by the founder of the Blue Mountains Railway Society, which celebrated its 50th birthday this year.
The society hold open days running model steam and battery operated locomotives, such as the impressive models shown in these photos, on the first Sunday of the month, (except in January, wet weather & fire-bans).

The open days are quite popular for family outings and children's birthday parties. A charge is made for the train rides, but entry to the grounds is free. All passengers are required to wear "fully enclosed shoes" to ride the trains. 

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