May 12, 2013

Murphys Glen walk

The unsealed road leading to the camping ground, near Woodford in the (mid) Blue Mountains, follows a narrow ridge top heathland. I think it is best walked during the week, as it is popular for mountain biking and 4WD on weekends.       Spreading Fan Fern (Sticherus lobatus) (below) on the side of the road.

Murphys Glen is situated in an old volcanic steam vent. The weathering of rocks in the area has resulted in richer soil than the surrounding sand stone derived soils, which supports a tall forest of blue gums and towering turpentines.

We turned off the Murphys Fire trail and followed 'The Turpentine Walk' down to the camping ground.

Corymbia gummifera (right)
(previously Eucalyptus gummifera)
or Red Bloodwood, is seen flowering along the rocky ridge in late summer.

 Note: Murphys Glen campground was closed due to road damage and facilities maintenance when I published this post.

Location map


  1. Stunning. My sort of place. :)

  2. Spectacular scenery, I agree with Vicki, it is my kind of place too.

  3. Yes I reckon Murphys Glen is one of the special spots in the mountains.