Mar 2, 2013

Seacliff Bridge

My first visit to the Sea Cliff Bridge, north of Wollongong, was with a walking group. We caught a train on the South Coast line, to Scarborough station, about 60 Km from Sydney Central.

Scarborough Station NSW

Seacliff Bridge, Lawrence Hargrave Drive

The Sea Cliff Bridge, was opened in 2005. It was built away from the cliff faces, to eliminate the danger of falling rocks and slippages which afflicted the previous coast road.

This photo and the top photo, were taken when I returned on a showery day recently.

This spectacular walk from Scarborough, past Clifton to Coalcliff, was less than 2Kms.

Seacliff Bridge info site    


We caught a bus at Coalciff, back to Thirroul station, to return to Sydney. My thanks to Jean B. for leading us on this walk.


  1. Hi,

    Does it make much difference which direction you do the walk? Also, is there much to see/do in either Coalcliff or Scarborough?

    Thanks, Sparky

    1. We always started at Scarborough as we came by train. I haven't walked the other direction. Search '' for more information on Coalcliff and Scarborough. Nearby Austinmer and Thirroul are bigger towns.