Dec 22, 2012

Sculpture by the Sea, 2012 (3)

This is my third and final post of sculptures from this year's Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.
Most were situated in or near Mark's Park which is about half way on the walk between Tamarama and Bondi Beaches. We sought out some shade for our lunch break at this spot.

Philip Spelman - tete-a-tete

Hilde A. Danielsen - upside down again

Hilde A. Danielsen - upside down again (above and below left)

Kate Dunn - regenerate (below)


Sue Roberts - the listrumpet

Keizo Ushio - oushi zokei 2012 twice twist bands

Subodh Kerkar - the chilly

'The Portuguese brought chillies to Goa, which were disseminated all over the country, making India the largest producer of chillies in the world.' - from the artist's statement in the catalogue.  
By the way, it is spelt "chilly" in the catalogue

R.M. (Ron) Gomboc - repose

Cave Urban - mengenang (memory)

The wind-driven installation, shown above, is part of 222 bamboo 'bird-scarers' tuned to D-minor, 'which began as a reflection on the 222 lives lost in the Bali bombings'  - from the artist's statement in the exhibition catalogue. Bondi beach is seen in the background.


  1. A lovely pictorial of Sculpture By The Sea. It would have been a wonderful sight and a pleasant way to spend a day. Cheers

  2. Loving this series. I wish I could've seen this exhibition in person.