Nov 16, 2012

Woodford - Transit of Venus

We started this bush walk at the end of Clearview Parade Hazelbrook (below)

The track is so called, because an observatory was set up not far from the Woodford Academy, to house a 114mm telescope and other instruments, needed for the observation of the 9th December 1874 Transit of Venus.

The passing of Venus between the Sun and Earth, was an important event, as it enabled scientists to better calculate the distance from earth to the sun.

The most recent Transit of Venus occurred in June 2012, and will not occur again until 2117.

Along the way we passed Waratahs (Telopea) in flower, and visited Edith Falls (below right) and a side trip to Mabel Falls, where we ate our lunchs.


Our walking track crossed the fire trail (above) in Mabel Falls Reserve. The track ended at Woodbury Street with a steep climb back to the highway. We finished at Woodford station.

Location Map
My thanks to Judith and Jenny for showing us this lesser known track, with its historic connections. 


  1. What a gorgeous location. Perfect for walking and photography.

  2. what are those pink flowers in the first photo?

  3. Sorry Rachel, I don't know what the flowers are. They were in a home garden near the start of the bush walk.