Jan 25, 2012

Sand Sculptures

 I visited the township of Windsor, to see the inaugural Hawkesbury International Sand Sculpting Championship. The theme of the competition, which ran from 11th to the 29th January 2012, was Mystical Creatures.   

Jino van Bruinessen (Blue Mountains, NSW)

Hawkesbury River, Windsor

Windsor is a historic township around 50km north-western of central Sydney. The setting for the competition was a park next to the Hawkesbury River. 

Cliven Abben (Rye, Victoria) - Rainbow Serpent

Peter Redmond from Victoria sculpted this winged horse and foal.
I was amazed at the strength they can achieve in these sand sculptures. They use the same sort of sand that bricklayers use. This is mixed with water and compacted in tiered layers within timber forms, before the sculpturing begins.

Although the sculptures are coated with a protective water resistant (biodegradable) spray, recent rain had caused damage to some sculptures, which required repair.

The event was run by Sandstorm Events.      

Susanne Ruseler (Netherlands) - Gorgon Sisters

Jaap Tichler (Netherlands) - Second Life

The winning sculptor, Jakub Zimacek is from the Czech Republic. I wasn't happy with my photo of his Sea Serpents, due to the dappled lighting. 


  1. These are great. As I was reading I was wondering how they were going in the rain ... lots of rain today.

  2. These sand sculptures are amazing. Real works of art.