Dec 30, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea, 2011 (3)

Ron Gomboc - Together in balance

This is my final post of 2011 'Sculpture by the Sea' (Bondi) photos. I wasn't able to find out the name of the artist of the sculpture above, if you know please let me know.

Jane Gillings - Provenance (a gift frame)

Kyoung Kwon Kim - Cover the rainbow

Margarite Sampson - The yearning

Georg Mayerhanser - Angel is born

Alan and Julie Aston - Simply black & white
Although the sculptures are gone for this year, this coastal walk remains very popular all year.


  1. Some interesting sculptures to end the year on - my favorite being the very top one mainly because of it's colourings and structure lines. The provenance frame is a fun piece and I'm sure many a photo was taken there.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year and I look forward to more of your rambles in 2012

  2. I really must go this this exhibition in person one day, your photos have been terrific.