May 15, 2011

Parramatta Park (2)

Parramatta River in Parramatta Park

A useful map showing a walking route along Parramatta River, mostly within Parramatta Park, can be viewed on 'Step Where'. - thanks to contributor 'MnM'

The Governor's Dairy - Parramatta Park

The two front rooms of the Dairy Cottage (above) were built by an ex-convict, George Salter and represent the earliest surviving worker's cottage in Australia. The Cottage was sold to Governor Macquarie in 1813 and was converted to a diary by the addition of two wings.
The Parramatta Park Trust run tours of the dairy twice a month.

Transit stones (left) from the Parramatta Observatory  built in 1822 by Governor Thomas Brisbane, who was a keen amateur scientist.
It is not far from Old Government House, and was used by early astronomers and surveyors before it's demolished in 1847.

There is a marble memorial obelisk and an information display nearby, and the Park Trust is currently working to conserve the site.
I have read that Sydney Observatory, houses relics from Parramatta including a telescope and clock.

The surveyor Thomas Mitchell used these transit stones, which supported a transit circle telescope, as the initial mark for the first trigonometric survey of Australia (1828)

A detailed history of the observatory  can be found on Andrew James Southern Astronomical web site

Macquarie St Gatehouse

Parramatta Park has six gatehouses including the Macquarie Street Gatehouse (above) and the much photographed Tudor style George Street Gatehouse.

We didn't stop here on this walk, but Parramatta Park CafĂ© has a pleasant location  near the river (see map

For more information on Parramatta Park please see my earlier post.

Self-guided walking tour brochures of the park's historic areas can be downloaded or obtained from the Park Administration Office. 


  1. This looks like an interesting place to take a walk - the Gate-House has been maintained beautifully!

  2. A wonderful commentary in pictures. The highrise in the top photo is so at odds with the meandering river.

  3. Beautiful shots. It's been a long time since I visited. I need to go back and explore this properly.