Jul 9, 2015

Lane Cove River

Pond near Tarban Creek, Huntleys Cove

This walk, which began at Huntleys Point wharf on the Parramatta River, was a new one for me. It followed a section of the Great Northern Walk along the Lane Cove River, to West Chatswood.

Tarban Creek bridge from Huntleys Cove

Lane Cove River
At Epping Road, North Ryde, we crossed under the Lane Cove River Bridge. (above)
A little to the north of this, and within Lane Cove Nation Park, is a site once known as the Fairyland Pleasure Grounds - 'a place of mystery and beauty' - the clearing on the banks of the river, once featured a picnic ground, dance hall, flying-fox etc. It dates from 1913, and remained in use until the early 1970s. (below)

We ended our 10.9km walk at Delhi Rd near Fullers bridge, and caught a bus to Chatswood station. My thanks to our walk leader.
          location map  (Huntleys Point)           location map  (Lane Cove)       

              GPS trace map