Jun 21, 2013

Rydalmere to Olympic Park

This excursion started with a RiverCat journey from Parramatta to the Rydalmere wharf. We walked along the River Trail from the wharf to the Silverwater bridge.

Rivercat from the Silverwater Bridge

Crossing the bridge to the southern bank of the Parramatta River, we continued along the shared (walk & bike) River Walk to the Blaxland Riverside Park, probably the biggest payground in Sydney. The Park was originally part of the Newington Estate granted to pioneer grazier John Blaxland, brother of the famous explorer Gregory Blaxland.

Section of Blaxland Riverside Park

Newington Armory Gatehouse

A little further on we came to the Newington Armory's original 1897 gate house (above). The former RAN Armament Depot, is situated between the southern bank of the Parramatta River and the former Olympic Village, now the suburb of Newington. We couldn't explore the Armory as it is only open on weekends.
3-ton stationary electric wharf jib cranes (below right), installed on Newington Armory wharf in 1974.


We continued walking along the river bank to reach the Sydney Olympic Park wharf.

Olympic Park Maps                                                             Olympic Park Bike hire

Jun 5, 2013

Prince Henry Cliff Walk (1)

We started this picturesque walk at the Leura Cascades Picnic Area, around 2 Kms from the railway station.

First of all we walked down to view the cascades (above right & below), then back up the stairs to cross Leura Creek, and follow the Prince Henry Cliff walk, which overlooks the Jamison Valley, around to Gordon Falls Reserve.

Leura Cascades

More photos: our last Leura Falls visit
Prince Henry Cliff walk - Katoomba

Location map

Wild Walks Leura Park to Gordon Falls Lookout

Wild Walks Leura Cascades to Gordon Falls Park

Wildwalks Leura Cascades round walk

Our walk was around 7 Km station to station