Sep 20, 2013

Prince Henry Cliff Walk (2)

The Prince Henry Cliff walk, which can be started and finished at various spots along Cliff Drive, was opened in 1934 and ran from Katoomba Falls in the west to Leura Cascades in the east. A second stage extended the track from Leura Cascades eastwards to Gordon Falls.

View from Honeymoon Point, Katoomba
As the name suggests, it follows the cliff top around past various lookouts. We started our walk from Cliff Drive near the Solitary Restaurant and walked to Echo Point.


 The photo below shows the top of the first of the Three Sisters, with Mt Solitary in the distance.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk is visited by more than 100,000 people a year and offers magnificent floodlit views ofKatoomba Falls, Orphan Rock and the Three Sisters at night.    
                           More photo from earlier post
NSW National Parks - Prince Henry Cliff Walk information & map


  1. I did a bit of this work from Echo Point around the the Cable Car myself yesterday ... that is a nice easy patch. It is too easy to take those fabulous views for granted.

  2. Beautiful views. I live in Victoria and it's been quite a number of years since I last visited NSW. I am very keen to visit NSW again and see the Three Sisters again.