Jan 20, 2013

Manly - Cabbage Tree Bay

I took the first two photos on a Winter's excursion to Manly, while the others were taken on the way back from our North Head walk.

Manly Wharf
Helen Leete is "well known for her public sculptures around Sydney, which include 'Earthmother' in the Royal Botanic Gardens near the Opera House, 'Oceanide' (below) off Fairy Bower and 'Arched Back Bather' at Manly..." 

Helen Leete's - Oceanides

 Cabbage Tree Bay is an aquatic reserve you pass on this easy walk from Manly wharf to Shelly Beach. The Marine Parade walk features miniature sculptures of the local fauna and flora found in  the protected marine reserve and the adjoining wildlife reserve.

Shelly Beach, Manly