May 26, 2012

Sydney Excursion - Maritime Museum

Australian's National Maritime Museum, in Darling Harbour, has a large fleet of historic vessels, including a destroyer and a submarine, HMAS Onslow. The Oberon Class submarine was recently moved to dry dock for maintenance, and is due to return on 1st June.

 I especially enjoyed being able to go on board these vessels*, and hope to visit again and attend a guided tour with one of the volunteer guides. The museum website includes virtual tours of some of these exhibits.

The destroyer, HMAS Vampire was the last of Australia's "big gun ships" and is the museum's largest exhibit. It was built at the Cockatoo Island Dockyards and was commissioned in 1959.
The Navy last used Vampire as a training ship, and it was decommissioned in 1986.

The Maritime Museum also has permanent exhibitions, as well as special exhibitions indoors.

*Link to the Museum's admission details                              

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