Dec 4, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea, 2011 (2)

Belinda Villani - The predators in the park
This is my second post of 2011 'Sculpture by the Sea' photos

Robert Hague - Aporia II
Simon McGrath - Who left the tap running
This giant tap set was very popular with both children and adults, as were the lions above.

Ayad Alqarogholli - Heavenly kiss

Michael Purdy - Tectonic

The two sculptures below were in 'Sculpture Inside', an exhibition of smaller sculptures, which were housed in a marquee in Mark's Park. Michael Purdy uses Sydney sandstone for his sculptures.

Michael Purdy - red sea

Deborah Halpern - Little princess


  1. I especially like the ones with the ocean as a backdrop.

  2. Thanks for another terrific set of shots, The Michael Purdy piece is great.