Dec 18, 2011


Statue in the Corridor of Oaks, Faulconbridge

The Corridor of Oaks  has an oak tree planted by each of Australia's Prime Ministers (or by a representative) since federation . Joseph Jackson MLA (1874–1961), was the founder of the Corridor of Oaks and donated 20 acres of land for this purpose in 1933 .

Near the Corridor of Oaks is Jackson Park and an adjoining bush reserve. These photos of flowers were taken on a short walk around Jackson Park Reserve. Location map

Triggerplant (Stylidium graminifolium) [left]
It's called the Trigger Plant because an insect can trigger the release of the stigma & stamen column onto the insect, which assists pollen exchange.

 Fringed Violet (Thysanotus tuberosus) [right]

Sir Henry Parkes (1816 - 1896) was Premier of NSW five times, or Prime Minister as it was called before federation, and is known as the 'Father of Australian Federation'. His grave is quite near the station at Faulconbridge, which was named after Parkes' residence, 'Faulconbridge House'

Sir Henry Parkes Grave, Faulconbridge
    Blue Mountains Local Studies

  The Corridor of Oaks is further along Sir Henrys Parade, towards Springwood.  Location map 


  1. I must go there sometime.

  2. The statues at the Corridor of Oaks are looking quite sad these days. The Fringed Violets are so beautiful, I was so excited the first time of saw them.

  3. Yes, the statues could do with a good clean up. I think the one shown has lichen growing on it.