Sep 21, 2011

On Sale!

I recently visiting the 'On Sale - Shops and Shopping' exhibition at the State Library of NSW (8th August to 30 October 2011). This exhibition covers shopping in Sydney from the first purpose built shops of the 1800s to the present day. One the old icons of Sydney shopping is the former  'Grace Bros.' building (below) which was completed in 1923.

Broadway Shopping Centre

Grace Bros. first opened in Bay Street in 1904 and closed their Broadway store in 1982. 
The Broadway Shopping Centre reopened in 1998 after an extensive redevelopment, and another floor was added to one of the Bay St. buildings in 2007. The buildings now house a shopping complex, cinema and student accommodation.

I have always admired the clock towers and globes, of the former Grace Bros. Broadway building, surrounded by griffins at their base. I think the globes were probably water tanks.

It is located close to Victoria Park and the University of Sydney. Location map


  1. When I lived in ultimo this was my local shopping centre and I always felt that it was a really great conversion.

    Btw we went to Lewers Gallery in Penrith recently having been introduced to it via this blog. Thanks.

  2. This sounds like a very interesting exhibition - I'm sure you noticed some radical changes in the way we shop.
    The Grace Bros Broadway stores are architecturally beautiful!

  3. The old GB stores are icons.

  4. I worked not far from Broadway, and spent many a lunch time at Grace Bros. and latter the Broadway Centre.