Apr 7, 2011

Illoura Reserve - Balmain

This small reserve in Balmain East runs south along the foreshore adjacent to the ferry wharf. It presents some good vantage points to relax and look at the harbour.

Sydney City from Illoura Reserve, Balmain East

(above) Updated photo of the Barangaroo South site, taken from ferry, 23rd March 2015

Looking towards North Sydney.
The Harbour Control Tower and Barangaroo Point are seen across the water from the reserve, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge beyond.

Illoura is an Aboriginal word meaning 'a pleasant place' or 'a good camping ground with plenty of food'. There may not be food here these days, but you will find shops along Darling Street if you walk up the hill. Julie pointed out in the comments below, its a steep climb, so you may want to catch a bus up from the wharf.

       Anzac bridge can be seen in the distance in the photo below, taken at the southern end of the reserve.


  1. I love that little reserve. I have only been there twice but have seen it also each time I have been to Goat Island. Much more than twice! I love the view back towards the CBD minus all the hustle and bustle. The harbour is such a calming place. I do not like the walk back up Darling Street though. Very steep.

    How come do you see this part of the city: Balmain and Rozelle? Is that where you work? Have rellies

  2. Julie. I agree that it is a spot close to the city but removed from the hustle and bustle. Thank you for pointing out that it’s a steep climb up Darling Street from the wharf. I will add that info to my post.

    I have only been to the reserve once, when I caught a bus from Rozelle after visiting Sydney College of the Arts. On other occasions I have returned to the City via Lilyfield on the Light Rail, which I enjoy.