Mar 10, 2011

Canberra (3) - Parliament House

This is the third post from my visit to Canberra.  
The roof lawn of Parliament House is Australia's largest, and needs regular watering and mowing to protect the membrane below.

Parliament House, Canberra was opened in 1988. It is huge (0.3Km wide and long) and contains 4,700 rooms, with many areas open to the public. We were able to see the House of Representatives in action, but no cameras are allowed in there.

The main foyer (below) contains a marble staircase and leads to the Great Hall.

Parliament House, Main Foyer

Parliament House, Main Entrance

The polished stainless steel flagpole (below) is 81 metres tall and is on top of the exact centre of the building.

Flag Pole, Parliament House, Canberra

 'Student's Guide' - this gives a useful overview to Australia's Parliament


  1. I've never been inside this building - very classy!