Nov 16, 2010

'Kirkbride' - Callan Park (3)

Kirkbride - Medical Officers wing (Matron's House)
The Medical Officer's wing (above & below) is now the Administation building of Sydney College of the Arts.
Sydney University have announced that 'the SCA will begin to move to the Camperdown/Darlington Campus from the beginning of 2017'. What will happen to this site after 2017?

The SCA Auditorium (below) was originally the Recreation Hall and has a semi-circular dome with Victorian stain glass window.

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                                     'Friends of Callan Park'


  1. I really like round stone sections like this ... Joan

  2. Beaut sandstone, and great photos

  3. I have walked through and around this building and its grounds when I did a course earlier this year at the Sydney Writers' Centre. It is a immensely peaceful place to sit and contemplate.