Oct 10, 2010

Callan Park - Lilyfield (1)

The 100acre plus 'Callan Park' property was purchased by the Colonial Government in 1873 for construction of a Hospital for the Insane, to be designed according to the enlightened views of the American Dr Thomas Kirkbride. It received its first patients in October 1884. 

Head Gardener's Cottage, Callan Park (1879)
The colonial architect James Barnet chose the Callan Park site for the new hospital as it was exposed to winter sun and summer breezes, was close to the city, and was isolated by the nature of its boundaries. 
The site also had a long north-facing frontage to Iron Cove. 

Iron Cove Bridge from Callan Point
In 1976 Callan Park Hospital was amalgamated with the adjoining Broughton Hall Psychiatric Clinic and become known as the Rozelle Hospital. In April 2008 the hospital was closed and staff and patients were transferred to a mental facility at Concord Hospital. 

Leichhardt Council recently released a draft master plan for Callan Park, on which people were invited to comment.

A plaque says this War Memorial (near Callan Park Oval), was erected by patients of B Ward.
It appears to cover a well.

 More info:
Friends of Callan Park
Draft Master Plan for Callan Park

Location map

The main entrance to Sydney College of the Arts.
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  1. They chose a lovely location.

  2. Such an impressive property.

    I like the way you've framed the boats in Iron Cove.

  3. These are terrific. This is one place taht I haven't been.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. I worked at the Park from 1964-66.At lunchtime I'd sit on the rocks at Callan Point and devour two crab sandwich's and a strawberry milkshake!Those were the days,Trevor Adams