Sep 22, 2010

Katoomba - Furber Steps to 'Witches Leap'

Witches Leap, Katoomba

There are numerous bush walks around the Echo Point and Scenic World area. My ‘Echo Point’ post mentioned one, the Prince Henry Cliff walk.

This current post shows a few photos taken on a walk from the Katoomba Falls Kiosk on Cliff Drive, down the Furber Steps  past 'Witches Leap' into the rainforest at the base of the cliff. A sign along the way informed us that a ‘leap’ is a Scottish term for waterfall
The Three Sisters

The familiar silhouette of the Three Sisters is seen (from a distance) from a lookout below Katoomba Falls Park.

Location map for the walk

Katoomba Falls

'Wild Walks' site gives details of many bush walks in the area including 'Witches Leap Circuit' starting at Scenic World.  

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